Notched-up one of those personal automotive goals on the weekend — a drive in an original Beetle.

This immaculate 1977 Beetle 1200L is one of the dozen or so historics owned by VW’s UK importer and brought along to a drive day for the new Up and Beetle III.

In basic spec with a smooth 34bhp 1192cc flat-four and supple suspension, I really enjoyed wending my way along some English lanes at 40mph, enjoying direct, steering and feeling the unique cornering balance of the rear-engine.

When you relax back into a drive and don’t need to be somewhere at some pre-determined time, it’s amazing how 34bhp and 1100cc is all you need.

Like so many classics with narrow rubber  — 5.60 x15 inch crossplies incidentally — and no power steering it’s also a wondrous thing to drive a light (862kg dry) car and see how engineers of their day delivered light rim weights and precision simultaneously.