So farewell then, Saab. Although it's not officially over, it does seem as though the quirkier Scandanavian motoring maiden is no more.

Personally I have been a brand ambassador for the last dozen years, running a series of six figure mileage examples. Apart from sundries (tyres, the odd starter motor) and countless coil packs they ran rather brilliantly, and were supremely comfortable cars with bags of space inside.

Two buyers emerge for Saab

In an example of my soft undemanding life imitating harsh industrial reality I no longer have a Saab on the fleet anymore.

That’s a shame, as I loved my Saabs. My favourite has to be the 9000, simply because I had so many of them. For purists its not a real Saab, of course, but a mid 1980s Fiat Group lash up, followed by a long period of huge GM indifference and a ignition barrel on the steering column, for goodness sake.

I still love them though - despite the fact I went on a BMW training course a decade ago and a customer with a Saab part-exchange was presented as a ‘worst case scenario’.