BMW pinged out this picture earlier in the week and I must say that it pretty much encapsulates my whole motoring life. Words also came with the picture but they were mostly design/marketing/branding boat hooks.

Here you go… “Designers have always managed to incorporate dynamics, innovation and aesthetics into a harmonious, modern and future-oriented overall concept, whilst at the same time preserving traditional values”.

Gawd knows what all that means, for me the 3-series represents the coolest, compact sports saloon that quite a lot of money could buy in the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

Personally my favourite 3 is the E30 because it helped me earn a good living.

The E21 already seemed ancient to me, while the E36 never had the charm of the E30 and even now I find it hard to get that excited by one. Otherwise I love them all, even the later ones, despite now being the size of old 5-series.

So it’s a dead simple question this week, what’s your favourite 3-series? Oh, and why?