I did think I was in a timeslip the other day when a Mark 1 Granada blasted past me with a throaty roar, which was nice. It wasn’t a concours example either out for a summer evening blast, but slightly grubby and ratty.

Now a Granny, especially such an early model - although it was on an N plate - is a very rare sight these days. Then not long after a scabby though straight Maestro travelling not quite so quickly.

That triggers a debate as to what motors have faded from view. I mean, when was the last time you saw a Sierra? I still plenty of Mark 2 Golfs which says something, but a Renault 25 anyone? Toyota Starlets, they’ve all gone out haven’t they. Pugs from the ‘80s? Haven’t spotted a 405 for a bit. 505, nope and they made those up to ’92. 104? Never. Metros linger on I find. All Lancias, dead surely. Hyundai S coupe, of course. Audi 100s, all gone surely.

Lets discount all those MGBs and Stags that suddenly come out into the fresh air at the first inkling of summer. Also the fact that you really don’t see a Lamborghini every day doesn’t count. Lets just concentrate on what gets used day to day.

So I want to know what you don’t see, but also what you do see. What vehicles are still heroically being pushed to the limit in some sort of used to destruction Bangernomics experiment?