I did think I was in a timeslip the other day when a Mark 1 Granada blasted past me with a throaty roar, which was nice. It wasn’t a concours example either out for a summer evening blast, but slightly grubby and ratty.

Now a Granny, especially such an early model - although it was on an N plate - is a very rare sight these days. Then not long after a scabby though straight Maestro travelling not quite so quickly.

That triggers a debate as to what motors have faded from view. I mean, when was the last time you saw a Sierra? I still plenty of Mark 2 Golfs which says something, but a Renault 25 anyone? Toyota Starlets, they’ve all gone out haven’t they. Pugs from the ‘80s? Haven’t spotted a 405 for a bit. 505, nope and they made those up to ’92. 104? Never. Metros linger on I find. All Lancias, dead surely. Hyundai S coupe, of course. Audi 100s, all gone surely.