Lat week, for reasons that escape me, I was watching a You Tube clip of Ridley Scott’s 1990 Rover Metro advert. It was spectacular sci-fi spoof designed to show just how much the Rover Metro differed from the Austin Metro.

(I particularly like the bit at 45sec where the engine is put upside down into the Metro…)

What caught my eye was the closing still which said that the ‘New Metro – with Rover engineering’ cost between £5985 and £9735.

My first thought was the prices were extraordinarily high for 1990. 20 years down the line a Renault Twingo – perhaps the closest thing to a Metro today – costs from £7695 and it’s a massively better car.

According to the automatic inflation generator I found on the web, the Metro would cost £10,000 in today’s money, showing how much the car buyer’s lot has improved over the years. Today’s motors are hugely improved and cheaper in real terms. So I went through the price lists of a UK car magazine dated November 1990, executed the conversions, and found a few surprises.