I just wondered whether the lies, damned and combined mpg figures that the EU concocts for us make any difference to your next used car purchase.

I say used because it has always been my firm belief that the biggest motoring expense always was and always will be depreciation. On those grounds, I’ve always felt justified in buying highly depreciated large engined petrol cars.

Now I happened to be on a midlands radio station talking Bangernomics and the presenter found a Jaguar as a frontline vehicle hard to comprehend.

Well, it will nudge 30mpg, but I dare not look at multifunction. So fuel is my guilty pleasure especially as the Land Rover probably struggles to realise 17mpg on a good day. Project mpg is still ongoing but hasn’t made much headway, and while Autocar pay me enough to buy fish paste and semi-skimmed milk I’ll indulge myself. It still can’t be any more expensive than paying £50k for a car one year and then struggling to get £19,999 a few years later.

So at what point will you stop walking? Or like me will you buy large V8 cars because they are so temptingly cheap? Then again, have I got my sums wrong and do fuel costs now dominate your buying choices?