It’s hard to argue against an indestructible go-anywhere 4x4 like the Land Rover Defender or Toyota Land Cruiser if you find yourself in the middle of the blizzard.

But this is Autocar. So snowy conditions are not looked at as an inconvenience, instead they present an opportunity to seek out some deserted slippery back roads and indulge in some good old-fashioned hooning around.

As luck would have it when the UK got lost under snow earlier this month, I happened to be in a Mitsubishi Evo X, effectively a road-going rally car. I’d booked the Evo in to argue its case as a future classic, but it also found its niche in the snowy present day.

The Evo proved to be a devastating way to cover ground quickly over some snow-covered East Anglian back roads. The clever S-AWC permanent all-wheel drive mode has a quite brilliant Snow mode, which allows you to drift near sideways around a corner without intervention from the stability control.

You’d really have to go some to lose it in an Evo in the snow, given how well the chassis communicates to you what the road conditions are. There also seems to be a level of trust between the S-AWC system and driver; it allows you to have some fun and exploit the conditions Tommi Mäkinen-style, but it also there to save you when you run out of talent.