I was sent the link to this exciting product the other day and I must say it is a wonderful way of not mislaying your keys.

Even though the best use of a seatbelt was by Eddie Van Halen as a guitar strap - which made me think just what you could use the rubbish in your garage for.

Despite several massive clearouts which at one point included a complete Daimler Sovereign and an entire Mini bodyshell which ended up in Japan, I still have a massive number of car bits that could be put to some sort of use.

Firstly there are those weird metal cages that go over Land Rover headlamps which could become a home for some Gerbils. Then there are loads of Mini seats which as Issigonis intended were fantastically uncomfortable and would keep the driver alert, so ideally I would put those in my office.

Then there is the A series cylinder head which I do think would work as a desk top tidy with lots of space to put pens, pencils and even inkwells. I’ve also got beautifully intricate gear wheels that I really shoud make into some sort of desk ornamant.

Once upon a time I even made a complete James Ruppert Crap Car Cup trophy out of old A series engine and suspension bits which I think James May actually won about 15 years ago in another life and on another car magazine.

So I just idly wondered just what you would do with the odds and sods in your garage, lock up, or just what you have hanging around in the boot and under the bed? And just in case you wondered I would do almost anything to get hold of a Lancia Thema dashboard and turn it into an object d’art in my living room.