Do you want 120mpg or, in fact, no G at all in the title because the very idea of burning a gallon of fuel in 10-15 years’ time fills you with a sense of improbability?

Do you want 12-speed electro-hydraulic gearboxes that will shift seamlessly between one ratio and the next, with mere thought process being all that’s required to enact each individual gear change?

Do you want suspension systems that read the road ahead via cameras, assessing the terrain and then altering themselves actively to provide the perfect settings for each road, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the ride?

And do you want steering, throttle and braking systems that do all the hard work for you – and trains of cars on motorways that require no driving whatsoever while in situ?

Or do you want the exact opposite from your cars of the future. Do you, in fact, want to drive machines that still actually feel like cars – with touchy feely steering, mechanical links between you and the road below, maybe a bit of exhaust smoke every once in a while and, perhaps, even a puddle of oil on the driveway every other Sunday?

Answers on a postcard please, ideally in no more than 100 words if possible. The most eloquent, interesting and/or amusing answers will make it into the magazine in a few weeks’ time.