What do you look for online? You don’t have to answer that of course, but obviously I’m referring to used cars rather than anything else. Now at last I have some stats to go on courtesy of the nation’s favourite place to look for cars, which has the initials A and T.

Personally I go through phases, which obviously get more intense when I have to actually go out and buy a car.

However I do find myself looking for less than plentiful Bristols, veering wildly between the square cut ‘70s (412) and rather more elegant ‘60s. (408-410) If there are more than 23 searches for them over the course of the last few years then there is someone as odd as me out there.

Oh yes, and two-door Range Rovers. I really want one of those. And although a DB7 would be nice when it was working I really do think that an old XK is more my sort of thing, so that has to be in the top 10 searches easy.

Apparently not. I think we all know the answer don’t we? It was searched for 171 million times and it's got a blue-and-white roundel badge and everything. Yes, since 2004, all those people in their bedrooms have clicked 3-series.

We shouldn’t be surprised as it is the most clever and desirable range of cars ever designed, although the E36 I don’t like and the E46 was the last of the pretty ones for me. It is closely followed of course by the equally German and equally brilliant Golf. Indeed, here’s that top 10 in full:

1. BMW 3-series: 171,010,787 searches2. Volkswagen Golf: 163,649,0523. Ford Focus: 93,343,7804. Vauxhall Astra: 88,496,9155. Vauxhall Corsa: 79,191,998 6. Ford Fiesta: 75,623,5027. Audi A4: 74,919,486 8. Renault Clio: 66,954,0649. Honda Civic: 63,737,89210. BMW 5-series: 62,572,748

I wondered whether you had clicked any of the above, and if not, what weird stuff you do search for? And include the parameters, such as auto/blue/hatch, keyword: wombat.

I think we would all like to know.