Mine are as follows;

1. That Lotus doesn’t hit the rocks financially yet again, but does manage to carry on, and then begins to produce a range of cars that genuinely makes a difference. The boys and girls at Lotus have been battered so often and for so long by the money stick, it’s time they got a break, surely, and were allowed to perform as well as we know they can.

2. That the Alfa 4C turns out to be as good as it sounds. And looks. So long as it costs what they claim it will when the production version rolls out, and also weighs as little as they say, the 4C could be a proper game-changer.

3. That Kimi Raikkonen’s return to F1 doesn’t turn out to be (another) bleedin’ great mistake. The bloke is such a monster talent, and F1 has had enough unspectacular ‘returns’ of late, I really hope he proves his critics wrong. And blows his immediate opposition clean into the dirt.

4. That someone, somewhere (ideally an individual or company with far too much money but a decent amount of grey matter to go with it) rescues Saab, and makes a decent fist of taking it forwards. Then again, pigs might fly south for their summer holidays in July, and the bears in the woods might ask for an extra roll of toilet paper as they make their way towards the door marked ‘gents only.’

5. That all of Europe’s major car makers don’t simply abandon the middle ground en masse. Only time will tell how smart Renault’s decision to back away from its traditional stomping grounds in order to concentrate on more diverse projects turns out to be, but in the meantime someone needs to keep Mondeo-man in wheels. And in the longer term, whoever decides to stay – and keep Mondeo-man happy – may well clean up overall.

6. That Aston Martin finally lets us have a drive in the One-77. The good folks at Aston have been on a promise to do so for over one year now so please, pretty please, with cream on it, gizz-a-go in it soon Dr Bez…

7. That the new breed of Jaguars – the new E-Type included (although please don’t call it that because it isn’t) – turn out to be even better than expected. And, as a result, are good enough to beat their equivalents from Germany in a head-to-head outright, genuinely, and without prejudice etc.

8. That Caterham’s road car plans don’t get smothered by the F1 team’s ambitions, and that the latter doesn’t go down the tubes in a few years time, taking what remains one of the UK’s best and most enduring sports car makers with it in the aftermath.

9. That Lewis Hamilton shows them all the way home this year and becomes world champion again, after a season long dust up with the rest of them.

10. That everything doesn’t turn out to be quite as bad as the world’s media would have us believe, and that everything’s actually a little bit more OK than we thought. In which case, the car industry will continue to blossom, especially in the east, and we will continue to report upon it, wearing a semi-serious smile on our faces for a good few years to come.

So then; what are your top 10 wishes for the next 12 months within the world of cars, and much more importantly, why?