Mine are as follows;

1. That Lotus doesn’t hit the rocks financially yet again, but does manage to carry on, and then begins to produce a range of cars that genuinely makes a difference. The boys and girls at Lotus have been battered so often and for so long by the money stick, it’s time they got a break, surely, and were allowed to perform as well as we know they can.

2. That the Alfa 4C turns out to be as good as it sounds. And looks. So long as it costs what they claim it will when the production version rolls out, and also weighs as little as they say, the 4C could be a proper game-changer.

3. That Kimi Raikkonen’s return to F1 doesn’t turn out to be (another) bleedin’ great mistake. The bloke is such a monster talent, and F1 has had enough unspectacular ‘returns’ of late, I really hope he proves his critics wrong. And blows his immediate opposition clean into the dirt.