I have a terrible confession to make; I almost became a lawyer. No really, I did, but just in time I realised just how utterly boring it would have been.

Conveyancing suburban houses for a lifetime would certainly not have given me the lifestyle that I expected. So instead, I sold cars. Much more fun.

However, I notice that the blame for the fact that we are now paying 40 per cent more for our insurance premiums (according to the AA), is being laid at the highly polished brogues of the no win, no fee, lawyers.

However, Peugeot says that its ‘Just Add Fuel’ programme is perfect for those on a budget - trouble is I don’t want a Pug - whilst daily car hire companies are telling me that it is now cheaper to rent a car instead of own one - not for me it isn’t. There is also a campaign to get the car driving internet community (pretty much everyone then) to click on their Google adverts. Presumably they want to bankrupt the aforementioned.