Welcome back to the DAFTAs (Deserving Awards For Transport And Stuff).

Here we go again:

Unfavourite people of the week; AustraliansThis DAFTA goes to a combination of Australians – specifically to the humourless Aussie coppers who pinched “our Lewis” outside Albert Park merely for entertaining the crowd in his Mercedes; to Australian roads minister Tim Pallas for labeling Lewis as “a dickhead” for doing what he did; to the Melbourne crowd for booing “our Jense” on the podium at the end of the race; and to Australia’s one and only F1 driver for shunting Lewis in the gearbox during a hot headed lunge in the race itself. Thank you Australians, thanks a lot.See Autocar's F1 circuit guides

Irritating web contributor of the week; jl4069Jl4069 clearly thinks there’s a conspiracy at work to prevent him from finding out what we “really think” about the handling of various cars. When we write things like “the Audi TT RS suffers from understeer but is still extremely quick from A to B” jl4069 has a tendency to ask questions such as “yes, but what do you REALLY mean by that, why aren’t you telling us the TRUTH Autocar, are you being paid to pull the wool over our eyes by AUDI, and why can’t you be HONEST in your opinion concerning these cars?” About which we tend to think; what on earth is this MENTALIST on about, did someone forget to feed him his pills AGAIN?Read jl4069's latest quest to uncover a conspiracy theory here

Is that strictly necessary – of the week; Ford Focus RS500Not only does the Focus RS500 demean and devalue a once knee-tremblingly iconic name, it also proves that Ford’s RS department has no idea whatsoever what torque steer means – or how much front tyres actually cost. Our own long term RS went through a set of tyres, on average, about three times a day. With 345bhp and 339lb ft of torque, the RS500 will be utterly silly in this respect. And in matt black it looks ridiculous.Perhaps it would be better if Ford concentrated on delivering regular RS’ to its customer before embarking on an upgrade campaign…Read the full Ford Focus RS500 revealed story

Whoopsie of the week; Virgin’s fool tankIt seems that Virgin is effectively going to make its own chief designer, Nick Wirth, cough up out of his own savings to redesign the F1 team’s not-quite-big-enough fuel tank. Rumour has it that Richard Branson will also be personally administering six of the best to his team boss in the paddock at midday on Saturday in Malaysia. All gate moneys received to view this event will, of course, go straight into Richard’s back pocket.

Read Virgin F1 designer to pay for car

Car manufacturer of the week; SpykerSpyker’s new Aileron supercar is, much like the people who make it, as mad as a box of hair, but there’s something about it – and them – that makes you feel better about the world somehow.

Read Steve's Spyker C8 Aileron first drive review

Best hot hatch of the week; Renault 5 GT TurboThen again, it’s also the best hot hatch there ever was – and definitely deserves a DAFTA as suchVote for your favourite hot hatch of all time here

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