There was something just right about the way the 190E departed. You see, it lead a varied life, starting it back in 1992 traversing Scottish glens, only to be sold down south to spend some time by the sea in Bournemouth. And, after a short time experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Big Smoke with me, it's back off to Aberdeen, and in good hands.

The new owner was a Mercedes employee for some 25 years, apparently, and owns not only another 190E, but also three SLs and an SLK - let's not mention that last one again. He had a weakness for pretty, white 190s he said, and the next day it was on the back of a transporter heading north. In the end, after two months of patiently putting up with plenty of tyre kicking, head scratching and time wasting, it went for slightly more than I paid for it. Overall I'm still down, of course, but all in I reckon owning the 190E for nine months has cost me around £400, and it's been superb fun.