I've just thoroughly enjoyed a weekend in my E34 5 Series, following some servicing work and a new set of wheels and tyres. There are still plenty of jobs to be getting on with, but it's feeling better than ever.

As I mentioned in the last update, I paid another visit to Meridien Majestic in Bournemouth, where the 520i had a new set of spark plugs and its coolant and engine oil replaced. A quick test of the diff oil showed it wasn't changed long ago, so that was left alone, and the 'box would have been done, but I, er, forgot to buy the filters. Next time!

Mikey took me around the car and delivered his expert verdict on its overall state, and the news was good. The front discs and pads had clearly been replaced recently, while the rear pads were new and the discs in good shape. There was little corrosion underneath; the only real issue was the offside front drop link, which had worn, two of which can be had for just £20.