Another week, another round of improvements for the E34. This time, I've paid special attention to the wheels and tyres, although you may remember I mentioned the fact that I'd fallen into the metric wheel trap via eBay a few weeks back already.

After contemplating just spending the money on an imperial set with better tyres, I stubbornly changed my mind, instead intending to make the best of a bad situation. However, a few longer journeys revealed a distinct wobble on at around 60mph, which suggested a wheel balance was in order. 

Indeed, a couple of the wheels had jettisoned their weights a long time ago, so I booked the car in with a mobile tyre fitter who did the job in 25 minutes for just £27. It was an absolutely massive improvement, and not just at 60mph.

Next up, tyres. The set on the £100 eBay wheels were legal, but only just, and finding 230/55/390 Dunlop metric tyres anywhere was proving a headache. I, therefore, jumped at the chance when some nearly new ones appeared on eBay, driving down that evening to pick them up.

If you remember, I'd already been fortunate enough to find a brand new alloy and tyre for just £30 in Dorset, so I stuffed three nearly new tyres (still on their alloys from another broken E34) in the car and drove home. A quick call to the same tyre fitter and £50 later, the E34 was properly shod.