Twitter has been all the over news recently. The micro-blogging social network site has been used to organise protests (both at the G20 in Britain and more notably in Iran), run a US presidential election campaign and even let us know when Jonathan Ross is having a bacon sandwich.

Autocar is now up and running on Twitter, too. You can catch up with all the news, first drives, videos and blogs from our website, as well as read our thoughts on the car industry as a whole.

It’s also an opportunity to let us know what you think. Ask us a question, or comment on one of our “tweets”, and we’ll try and give you some feedback. It’s an interesting place to have a debate or let us know what you think about the movers and shakers in the car world.

We’re aiming to post links to all new content that appears on our website so it’s a great one stop shop to look at what’s going on in the car world.

Already we’ve been shown where to pick up a S65 AMG number plate for £400, asked why there is no open air motor show in the UK and told where we can pick up some cheap toy cars.

It’s easy to get involved with Twitter – just sign up, start to follow us and you’ll be kept up to date with all the latest from the motoring world.