The other day I watched a driving instructor pull up smartly outside a house and wait for his next lesson to hop aboard. There is nothing unusual about that, but I did think that there ought to have been an extra spring in that student’s step this morning.

That’s because it was the coolest driving school bumper car that I’d seen in a long time, a Citroen DS3.


There are a few around now and when I looked for images I found that I could learn in a DS3 with the LFE Driving School, amongst others. The only thing more chilled than a DS3 would be an original DS with ‘L’ plates.

Incidentally I notice the latest Citroen recall effectively means that they are dual control vehicles, (brakes operated through the carpet by the passenger/instructor), which is handy.

So I just wondered what were the cool ‘L’ cars these days and surely the MINI is now just a tad ubiquitous, even if it does have a Union flag roof. Apart from Corsas and Micras what do you see tooling around with fresh drivers on board?

Whilst we are here then, I would be interested in just what you drove first on the Queen’s Highway. I was lucky enough to hit the road in my Dad’s Audi 100LS, which, with the passage of time now seems like an incredibly stylish car to kangaroo and stall along the road.