The head of Ford's US operations, Mark Fields, is one of the showiest executives in the motor business. It feels like no Detroit show press day is complete without him running onto the stage or punching the air - this time he was driven into the Cobol arena in an F150 pick-up truck by a country music star, accompanied by the sort of pyrotechnics Americans normally reserve for the 4th July.

But among the spectators, the biggest question remained the thorny issue of just what Ford's President of the Americas is doing with his hair.

This story has a past. A few years ago Field's very 'eighties do was described by one critic as a mullet. He denied that it was - but the damage was done. And since then his Barnet has earned rapt attention at every public outing as people try to decide whether it really is worthy of the "m" word.

And yes, I can understand his frustration that commentators seem more concerned with his hair than his company's sales numbers. But if he's serious about silencing the argument, why doesn't he just get down to the barbers and get himself something completely different - a US Marine spec buzz-cut, or even a full crested Mohican?

And in the meantime, a chance for you to decide: is this a mullet or not?