In the technology world, so-called 'Easter eggs' are surprises that have been hidden in films and video games to be discovered by viewers and players. Electric car manufacturer Tesla has created some of its own Easter eggs for owners to discover in its Model S's infotainment system.

Below, we give a summary of the best ones.


This Easter egg has been included in the latest v8.1 software update and turns the massive 17in touchscreen into a sketchpad. Once you've indulged in your artistic talents and are happy with your drawing, you're able to submit it to Tesla for judgement. Want to find out how to use it? Well, Tesla is keen to keep that under wraps for now - but if you think you can guess how then let us know in the comments below.

Trip to Mars

If you get bored of navigating around planet Earth, Tesla lets you turn Google Maps into the surface of Mars. Hold down the Tesla logo on the screen and wait until it pulses, then when it asks for an access code type in 'Mars' and you'll see the screen transports you to the Red Planet.