Good morning from the newest and most glassily transparent addition to the UK public transport network since St. Pancras has its Eurostar makeover: Heathrow Terminal Five. 

We’re used to being at the front of the automotive news agenda – but it’s not often I find myself entangled in a story all over the national TV bulletins.

And I have to say – from today’s perspective at least – don’t believe the anti-hype. I can happily report that everything seems to be running normally. Expecting chaos after yesterday's cancelled flights and five hour delays I made sure I got here in plenty of time. I needn’t have hurried though, there seem to be no theme park sized queues and I breezed through check in and security with barely enough time to take it all in.

But I can see what all the fuss was about. This place would appear to have everything the 21st century traveler could want. It’s airy, clean and well staffed. There's even a Sony store and a Gordon Ramsay eaterie for goodness sake.