I have a very good car industry chum based in America who does truly terrible things. He sends teaser advertisements my way, forwards Florida dealer emails and generally makes the prospect of buying something cheap, gaudy and - Stateside - incredibly appealing.

Now I like the idea of a Mustang, but I would never actually get around to importing one, thank goodness. A friend who did ended up with his being burnt to a crisp whilst stock-still in his garage due to some mysterious electrical fault.

Then, of course, my car industry chum sends an email containing details of a fully loaded - as they say - 2008 Mustang. It originated at a Ford Lincoln dealer in the Sunshine State, but the problem is the Mustang is located just down the road, in Germany. It could be mine for 21.5 euros. There would be taxes to pay at Dover of course, but I was actually tempted...

I don’t know what to do. If I really wanted something left-hand drive then there would be a lot more cars further up the queue. A dealer in the ’90s used to scoop up unwanted Integrales in Italy and very nearly didn’t live to tell me the tale. All those tax break 2.0 engined Ferraris and Maseratis would be interesting. I’d probably prefer to spend time in Germany sourcing the perfect G60 Rallye Golf, maybe the obscure Countryman, or a properly looked after 911.

France would be a diversion, but I don’t think they look after classics there, do they? Then again, I guess there must be some proper DSs, or 2CVs, which would be brilliantly dishevelled, full of chicken remnants, Gauloises stubs and Johnny Halliday. Imagine the sheer joy of turning up for a club concours in those. They would be the only originals there!

But I digress. What I want you to tell the Autocar community is, given the time and money and the ability to travel as far as the country that gave us the Zil and Zaporogets, which left hooker would you bring home?

And most importantly why?