Sorry to go back over old ground, but this 50mph speed limit malarkey just won’t leave me alone, so here’s a hypothetical to consider.

If you drive a Smart car into a brick wall at 49.9mph on a deserted rural road, the chances are you will not get to watch Eastenders that night. Yet you will not have broken the government’s proposed new 50mph limit.

Drive a Caterham with skill and decent observational awareness along the same road, with the same brick wall at the side of it, but at 85mph, and you won’t be putting anyone in any great danger.

Yet if you get caught you may well get to watch Eastenders that night, but you’ll do so through a collection of iron bars. And have the prospect of a rather worrying shower to look forward to the following morning.

One question: when did common sense march off so suddenly in the wrong direction on this issue?

One suggestion; make sure you stand up and be counted when we’re asked what we think of the government’s proposal this coming summer.

Find out more about the online petition against the speed limit proposals

And please can we stop being dictated to by the minority in this instance? Of course we all feel deeply sorry for people unfortunate enough to have lost family in accidents on rural roads, but it’s equally clear that these people do not, and must not, represent the majority view.

Statistics show that a lot of big shunts on rural roads involve very young drivers who are more often than not drunk or stoned, or both. Putting a 50mph limit and very expensive cameras all over the place to enforce that limit won’t stop halfwits from behaving like halfwits for one moment. The sooner our friends in Whitehall realise this, the better. Unless, of course, all they are really interested in is our money…

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