You may have noticed some idiots on the roof of Parliament this week, although I’m rather more concerned by the idiots down below inside the building.

As much as the self-righteous climate change protesters are misguided you do have to admire their direct approach. Whilst we all sit around bleating about the cost of petrol, it just isn’t on the agenda. So at least we can see Gordon Brown on the news actually ignoring the people on the roof, which brings their ban all runways, aircraft, and airports to the nation.

Now I know we can be legally shot as terrorists if we so much as gather in the vicinity of an oil depot, but surely we should do something?

I fear that we are losing the climate change, congestion charge fight. Just look at the response to Comrade Ken’s £25 surcharge. Lots of moaning but not much action except by Herr Porsche who has bravely decided to fight Ken on the beaches, or at least where those big giant white on red C spots begin. Where were the AA or RAC or their foundations? Where was Land Rover, or the SMMT for that matter? It’s all very well issuing press releases or pointless blogs like this one, but you actually have to do something. Like Porsche, or like those nutters on the roof.