Research has revealed that one in five people secretly long to get their hands back on their first car. According to Auto Trader, one in five sentimental Brits would love to buy back the first car they owned.

Rather more oddly 20 per cent of those surveyed also said that they would be likely to buy a new car just because it reminded them of the first car they owned. Eh?

I don’t know whether I really do want a brand a new car that’s rusty, with marginal ventilation and a stick on heated rear window. Maybe you would?

The survey went on to reveal that some 16 per cent of us saw our first cars go to the scrap yard and as many as one in 10 say that they were genuinely devastated at the end of this great first love affair. And as a result, Brits around the country long to get their original motor back again.

For my part, I did take my first car to bits. I took the parts I wanted and then left the rest on my Uncle Charlie and Auntie Flo’s drive who then asked the local scrapper to tow it away.

Interestingly, the majority of respondents (64 per cent) even said that the age of the car didn’t matter to them as long as it was a working and roadworthy copy of the model they used to drive.