You'd think it would be easy to be a toy retailer at this time of the year. Put up some tinsel, make the staff wear santa hats - and crack open that storeroom round the back with all the unsold stock from previous years. I mean, who's going to know?

In this case, anyone with even a fleeting interest in Formula One.

Because, proudly displayed on the shelves of a large toyshop somewhere in Oxfordshire, I stumbled across this blast from the past. It's a Scalextric set inadvertently commemorating one of the least happy driver partnerships in the history of motorsport - that between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. It's also a  partnership that ended more than two years ago.

Granted, it is a Scalextric digital set - the clever, new-tech one that allows up to six cars to race on the same two-slot track and to change lanes - and it does still have the retail magic of Lewis Hamilton's name on it - but £170 does seem a bit steep for something so obviously out of date.

A quick look at Scalextric's own website proves the company has come up with a simpler solution for shifting its stock. The set is still on sale, complete with 2007-spec McLaren MP4/22s, but the design of the box has changed slightly. Can you spot the difference?