In the Autocar car park, there's a tree that partially blocks a marked-out parking space. The space has, unsurprisingly, remained unused for months. Until, that is, Autocar began running a Smart long-termer. The three-meter long Smart is the only car that can squeeze into the space.

DSCF2741 The upshot is that the smallest car on the fleet is also the only one with a guaranteed parking slot.

Which is why I have to remain on the fence about Toyota's remarkable IQ. The fresh thinking and bespoke engineering that's gone into making a 3m-long car that can accommodate at least three adults (and that drives like a much bigger car) is hugely impressive.

But does it need to be that short? Perhaps there are thousands of drivers in the UK (the hints are that Toyota would like to sell 10,000 IQs per year) who look at the IQ and say, "Yup, just the job."