Yesterday, you may have read my blog questioning just how much scrappage had benefited the British market.

Well, despite my initial doubts, it seems that scrappage has done a lot for the car manufacturers with British factories after all, not just those importing cars from abroad.

Ford has been the real star of the scrappage scheme so far. With 10,953 models shifted to the end of the July, 45 per cent of which are Fiestas, it’s managed to go straight to the top of the scrappage sales charts.

Although Ford doesn’t actually build cars in this country anymore, it does still produce engines. Every single Fiesta has an engine in it which has been produced at either Dagenham or at Bridgend, while nearly all the engines found in the Focus are UK-built too.

The success of these two models in the scrappage scheme has undoubtedly been a boost to Ford and once you factor in dealers, suppliers and servicemen, around 100,000 direct and indirect Ford employees have benefited from the scheme.

It’s no just those from Ford who have benefited either. Vauxhall told me the scrappage scheme had been “excellent” for them, and I doubt any of its 4500 UK employees would complain either.