My prayers have finally been answered. I was delighted to learn yesterday that I can now go out and buy myself a brand new Lada Niva. I’m glad that someone has been listening to my ongoing campaign to bring back the 1980s and in fact they have rewound even further to 1976. And what a scorcher that year was.

Of course the new millennium Nivas will be upgraded to cope with the demands of modern on road and off road motoring and I doubt that they will be nearly as rusty as the old ones could get.

Upgrades include well-bolstered front seats, Bosch fuel injection, VDO instruments and much larger door mirrors, which you will need because the driver sits on the left.

There are two basic models available: Niva Van and Niva Passenger Car. The van is VAT reclaimable, which is great news for us business owners, as we will pay just £8395. When you consider that the package includes a proper diff locking five speed gearbox that’s rather good value.

I urge you to go to the website if only to see a picture of the snow plough, which, in the recurring Siberian Winters we now enjoy, will make you toast of your executive housing estate.

So let me know if you are as excited as I am and whether you are going to buy one or just what other old cars you’d rather like to buy brand new again. Moskvitch anyone?