Lots of people admire McLaren’s Ron Dennis as a passionate patriot, but fewer of us would class him as an orator and statesman.

But a speech he gave in the Houses of Parliament, exhorting the government to increase and speed up its support for manufacturing industry, definitely casts him in that mould.

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Coining the phrase “racing science”, to stand for quick action and measurable results, he declared that rapid action was needed on four fronts: to attract kids to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), to boost R&D through innovative tax incentives, to expose achievers to “collective success” (as happens at McLaren) and to remove the fear of failure currently bred into kids by the education system.

He called this “a vision for Britain”, a label so bold that many a business leader, wary of cynicals, wouldn’t have used it.

But Ron always means what he says, which is why he’s worth listening to.