Despite our recent sub-zero temperatures many scientists are unwavering in their belief in climate change.

There is a scientific consensus that increasing CO2 levels will warm the planet. There is also general agreement that cars account for around an eighth of the UK's CO2 emissions.

There isn't a scientific consensus that reducing CO2 emission in Richmond is preferable for the local residents to reducing it in Hampstead, Blackheath, Milton Keynes, Stromness or, indeed, Dubai. There isn't even general agreement.

The one indisputable fact in all this - and I'm not talking general agreement or scientific consensus, but genuine no-beating-about-the-bush truth - is that when a car is parked and its driver is shopping it emits no CO2.

If this daft borough council wants to reduce local CO2 emissions from cars, rather than from domestic boilers, lighting and local industries, then it should encourage the owners to leave their cars parked for as long as possible... by making it cheaper to park not more expensive.

Logic... or what?