Once again the government is proposing putting speed limiters on our cars. Such systems would work in conjunction with GPS and automatically restrict your car to whatever speed limit you happened to be in. Of course, it's being done in the name of safety which is an admirable objective. But once again it shows that the government only thinks in terms of speed reduction to help safety. How about making sure that every inch of A-roads and motorways have adequate lighting? How about putting an alco-key in every car? Both would have a huge impact on traffic accidents. How about the argument that if our cars were speed restricted we'd be zombified and our concentration levels would dip to dangerous levels, countering the whole point of speed restrictors?I'm only guessing but compulsory speed restrictors will never happen and not because of the safety issue. Someone in the treasury will do the sums and realise that the country cannot afford to lose the revenue from all of those speeding fines.