In the run up to this weekend’s British grand prix, I was invited to the opening of HR Owen’s new Ferrari Atelier in swanky Knightsbridge, an event at which F1 driver Felipe Massa was the main attraction.

After the usual PR formalities, we were given a rare 10-minute slot in which to ask the Brazilian any questions we liked.


My initial opener as to which F1 driver scored the most points in the local bars didn’t make the grade, but here are a few things you may not have already known.

Not surprisingly, Massa’s own set of wheels includes a Ferrari California and a white 599 GTO with black roof and special ‘Massa’ badging. As for the FF, “that would be nice to have, for sure,” said Massa.

When I asked about this weekend’s race, Massa said the thing he was most looking forward to was checking out the new paddocks properly. “And the English fans are always very supportive, for sure,” he added.

But what of the Brazilian’s disappointing performance since his big crash? In no uncertain terms, Massa stated: “I’m the same driver that I was before the accident and I’ll keep fighting until I’m back on top.