I presume you’ve seen the TV advert that’s been running recently for Peugeot’s new marketing campaign?

It features a red Peugeot depicted as a jigsaw, and is presented by an oh-so-cuddly voice over man who tells us warmly how, for just £171 per month, your next Peugeot can come with three years roadside assistance, three years tax, three years insurance and three years free warranty and servicing.

‘Just add fuel‚’ exclaims voice over man at the end, in much the same way that your local vicar might address his congregation of a Sunday morning.

All of has which got me thinking; such ease of ownership must seem terribly alluring to the sort of person who sees their car in the same light as their fridge or washing machine. But for the enthusiast, however, it’s surely a gigantic turn off, being encouraged to regard your car in the same vein as a set of white goods.