The other day I spent £3.25 on a smudgy, inky magazine with car classified ads in it. I have never been so disappointed. 

Since the last time I bought one, which was quite a few years ago, they have changed. First of all dealers don’t seem to advertise with display ads anymore. You know a bit of bunting on the page listings by marque or price, the sort of panels you could get lost in. It is just a bit boring. 

I suppose the question is, have online search criteria ruined the real life inky fingered experience?

Quite possibly. Now I am the only person I know who doesn’t have an iPad or a smartphone, so when I surf it is on a laptop. I enjoy the immediacy and convenience, but I do miss the fun of coming across a Dennis Fire Engine, or a Caterham powered by methane, which often livens up a manual search in a magazine.