There are a few points I should like to bring to the attention of the board of management of Porsche AG. They’re not criticisms, but they have been keeping me awake recently and, frankly, I think it’s about time the company acted on them.

So, in no particular order:

Point 1: can I just say well done on the Cayman S. I think it could be the best driver’s car the company’s ever made. I’m not particularly qualified to say that, as I haven’t driven most of them, but I really do like the Cayman S. It's usable, it's quick, it's outragously enjoyable to interact with as a driver. All it needs is a tiny bit more focus; a smidge more go. Which brings us on to…

Point 2: has any thought been given to the possibility of slotting a slightly detuned version of the old 996 911 GT3’s 3.6-litre motor into it? I reckon it’d be perfect for the job: it’d want about 360bhp at 7000rpm, and to be geared to about 185mph. Question is, has anyone tried to make it fit? If so, does it; if not, why not?