There are a few points I should like to bring to the attention of the board of management of Porsche AG. They’re not criticisms, but they have been keeping me awake recently and, frankly, I think it’s about time the company acted on them.

So, in no particular order:

Point 1: can I just say well done on the Cayman S. I think it could be the best driver’s car the company’s ever made. I’m not particularly qualified to say that, as I haven’t driven most of them, but I really do like the Cayman S. It's usable, it's quick, it's outragously enjoyable to interact with as a driver. All it needs is a tiny bit more focus; a smidge more go. Which brings us on to…

Point 2: has any thought been given to the possibility of slotting a slightly detuned version of the old 996 911 GT3’s 3.6-litre motor into it? I reckon it’d be perfect for the job: it’d want about 360bhp at 7000rpm, and to be geared to about 185mph. Question is, has anyone tried to make it fit? If so, does it; if not, why not?

Point 3: what, exactly, are most of your engineering fellers doing now that the full 997 911 family is complete and on the road? They can’t all be on the Panamera project, surely. Are they polishing old 356s in the museum? Are they doing spring rate calculations for practise in the canteen? Isn’t it about time you gave them something important to get on with?