If you have driven the Ford Focus RS there may be a couple of things you might change. The seating position is too high for example and the carbon-look interior borders on tacky. There is one thing the RS certainly doesn’t need though, and that’s a fat slice of extra power and torque.

 The RevoKnuckle is a wonderful thing, reining in the torque admirably but it still struggles. 300bhp through the front wheels is simply a big ask of any car and as you accelerate in the RS there is still a tug of the wheel as it is battered by the 324lb ft of torque.

Ford Focus RS tuned to 340bhp With this is mind tuning specialist Graham Goode Racing has launched a 340bhp and 397lb ft Focus RS performance upgrade package. Yep that’s over 70lb ft more, not to mention 40bhp extra. This is only an ECU conversion too, so don’t expect a tweaked and fettled chassis to keep it all on the tarmac. It will be interesting to see how the RS handles all this power and if it does miraculously stay on the road it will go from being very fast to devastatingly rapid. I’m just not sure if the already fantastic Focus really needs it.