Over the coming weeks I hope you will enjoy reading just how irritated I am by the fact that the Nissan Leaf is going to cost ‘just’ £23,350. That is, of course, after taxpayers have coughed up a not inconsiderable £5000.

All sorts of informed commentators have said how wonderfully affordable the Leaf is. Eh? With a maximum range of 100 miles it may suit someone who does a bit of light commuting, but that is a hell of a lot to pay for a runabout. Especially when a cold snap and some road works suddenly reduce that usable range to not very much at all and the mother of all flat batteries.

Obviously the Leaf is not aimed at easily irritated, rural, hard-living motorists like me. No, this Leaf must be for the sophisticated urban early adopters who really do believe that they own a Zero Emissions vehicle.

I won’t go on, but I will ask just what you would do with the money. Not the £5K subsidy, or even the whopping £23K asking price that would allow most of us to fill the space in our drive for the rest of our naturals. No, let’s try 10 per cent of that amount.

So just what would you buy for £2350? Well with my Leaf hat on, I saw a 2001 SEAT Arosa for £2000. Rather more up my street was a Lexus GS300.