There's no doubting that the new TVR is a snappy-looking vehicle.

TVR_Sagaris_01 The TVR Car Club has enthusiastically posted shots and details of the Sagaris 2. The 'production-ready' prototype has some minor body mods, a reworked interior and the company's Speed Six engine.

The problem is, when I read all this I think: "I wasn't reborn yesterday." And sadly the same can be said for TVR.

The world has moved on. The Speed Six engine was introduced in the second half of the 1990s  when oil and petrol were much cheaper than they are now. Oil was selling for as low as $12 a barrel in 1999. Ten years later it's above $130. That doesn't sound like the most propitious time to bring back a 4-litre engine.

Each time we herald the grand return of the great British car maker, we forget about the amount of time that goes into developing today's cars to provide airbags, ABS, traction control and Euro 5 emissions compatibility, to name four minor engineering obstacles.

Porsche makes serious, fast, fun cars and it hasn't ignored these issues, so why does the TVR believe that it can?

Few things would give me greater pleasure than to be proved wrong about all this - and none of them is legal - but as far as I'm concerned they haven't even rolled the pastry for the 'production-ready' humble pie.