The one saving grace about new cars is that they do eventually become used. That thought always helps me to sleep at night, but what really disturbs me is that any true car of the year ought to be very used. Ideally five years old with a blank recall record.

As that’s not going to happen I have to imagine that I’m actually going to buy brand new and for that to happen, my new set of wheels ought to be different. Right now you can’t get more different than any sort of Infiniti. There’s a handful of dealers and not many more Infinitis in circulation and for me the best of that small bunch is an EX30d.

Right now, everyone wants a 4x4 - that's a fact judging by the 493,000 emails I have. So rather than going for a Tonka Toy off roader like everyone else on the school run, how about a high-rise coupé? Ideally one that isn’t as painfully ugly as an X6.

So that would be the EX30d, which also happens to be superbly built with a very comfy driving position. I liked the big 3.7-litre petrol engine, but everyone demands diesel these days whether they need it or not. Most of all I love a well-finished, quality car which in five years time will have a clean sheet for recalls and an impeccable service record. Yes, the Infiniti gets my vote.