No, the RS5 doesn't quite scale the lofty heights as a driver’s car that the 2006 RS4 attained, but it’s a tantalisingly close-run thing, and that makes this new V8 super-coupe one of Audi’s best performance cars since the original Quattro.

With its smooth dual-clutch gearbox and sophisticated drivetrain, it’s actually much easier to drive quickly than the manual-only RS4; the only real difference is that the newer car feels a little less involving, a little more computer-controlled, as though the car is doing all the work for you.


Although I slightly prefer the more natural feel of the RS4, there’s no denying the talents of the RS5; it’s spectacularly fast, sounds wonderful, looks handsome and displays exceptional body control even on gnarly roads.

It’s not cheap at nearly £60k and it’s too heavy (an issue the company is actively working to redress, if the recent Quattro Concept is any indication), but the RS5 is a welcome return to form for Audi.