What are your personal top 10 most important cars in history, and why – ideally in just one sentence?

In no particular order, here is my list.

Lamborghini Miura – because it is still the most beautiful car in the world

Renault Scenic – because it was the first small MPV to make sense

Renault Espace – because it was the first large MPV to be desirable

Mini (the original) – because it taught us much of what we now know about packaging

VW Golf GTI Mk1 – because without it the hot hatch wouldn’t exist.

Honda Insight – because it was the world’s first mass market hybrid (I’m aware that Robert Anderson from Aberdeen built the world’s first electric vehicle in 1839, but it didn’t exactly leave a dent in the world’s car market)

Porsche 911 – because it has proved what can be achieved via evolution

Jaguar XJ – because it set the template for the modern luxury car