So what are your motoring predictions for 2010? Mine (in no particular order) are:

Car sales will be stagnant. VAT’s going back up, scrappage is being stopped and that means we’re likely to have the same showroom traffic as this year. You can expect the Koreans to carry on making gains though, and that’s going to be at the expense of European makers.

We won’t sell any more electric cars than this year. But lots more car-makers will be promising them.

Another major car-maker will follow Saab and get shut or swallowed up. Mitsubishi, Subaru? Place your bets.

Although Mitsubishi may be saved by a full merger with PSA Citroen and Peugeot.

Germany will forge ahead with its efforts to get a hydrogen infrastructure in place. Britain will be left further behind.

Aston Martin will give us an idea about its next step and where it’s going to get an engine from. Merc or BMW perhaps?

It will be another year when we don’t see a new Lotus Esprit.