Truth be known, I never really fancied being Frank Bullitt, a.k.a Steve McQueen in the 1968 movie classic. All that yumping and grinding over San Francisco hilltops would have me chucking-up out the window. And just the thought of a polo neck makes my neck itch.

But Kowalski in Vanishing Point? Now you’re talking. Anyone who’s described as: “the electric centaur, the super driver of the golden West, the last beautiful free soul on this planet” has me as their hero. And while Frank Bullitt’s ’68 Mustang Fastback does have a certain raw muscularity to it, it’s nothing as icy cool as a supercharged, refrigerator-white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T “hopped up to over 160”.

All the squealing and tyre-smoking you got in Bullitt was also way too uncouth for a big-ass American muscle car. Kowalski and his Challenger, running flat out across the wide-open desert in a bid to get from Denver to San Fran in 15 hours, now that’s more like it.