Took two cars to our local test track a few weeks back (Longcross, home of The Corner, cobbled to the inside) for some action photos in pretty vile conditions. One was a Morgan 3 Wheeler which, although a 2014 model, is in effect a classic car from new. The other was an Audi RS4.

Apparently the Norwegians have a phrase. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,” they say. But whoever said it presumably wasn’t driving the Morgan at the time. 

It’s a car redolent of an era gone by. It’s also a romantic drive, watching the front wheels scythe through puddles and feeling the steering wheel writhe in your hands. Even in terrible conditions it’s a joy, but there’s no question you feel vulnerable. Your awareness is heightened.

The RS4 feels astonishingly different; any capable new car is. For one thing, it’s warm and dry, plus there’s the omnipresent security of plenty of metal around you and stability control and ABS. It’s so secure that the first thing most drivers would know about something going wrong would be if it did.

I’m not going to rue the advances in vehicle technology that have got us here. But I suggest a course a bit like a Speed Awareness session. Anyone caught not adjusting their driving for the conditions has to spend a day not in the classroom, but in a Morgan 3 Wheeler or on a motorbike.