Deciding how to price the new MG 6 can’t have been an easy task for MG Motor UK Ltd. So straw poll: how many of us think they got it right?

Here’s the case for the defence. This is a five-door family car that, at 4651mm in length, is a much closer match for a D-segment saloon like a Honda Accord or Vauxhall Insignia than most C-segment hatchbacks. It’s got a turbocharged 1.8-litre petrol engine with 158bhp. And yes, top-spec TSE versions do cost £19k – but if you dress up a Skoda Octavia to the same specification, your dealer will be asking for more than £23,000 for it. Seriously. Shows why a lot of people don’t rate Skoda as a budget brand, doesn’t it?

And the case for the prosecution? They could have decided to charge less – brought in de-contented cars with lower-rent materials and less powerful engines, and opened up the UK order book at about £13,995. But at that price, with even cheaper cabins and poorer residuals, they’d have risked seriously damaging the MG brand.