This week our spy photographers have been busy snapping the new McLaren supercar.

For the first time we found out that it has Lamborghini-style scissor doors and we already know that it will be out next year, powered by a V8, priced around £140k and aiming squarely at the Ferrari F430. But these new pics also made me wonder, yet again, whether we really need another Ferrari or Lambo rival. Even one with a McLaren badge on it.

See the spy pics of the new McLaren P11 supercar

Perhaps Macca should have tried something different? I heard a rumour that a 'three-quarter scale' supercar was originally on the table.

Something about the size of a Lotus Exige, weighing around 1000kgs and offering a similar power-to-weight ratio to an F430. That would have been unique and McLaren would have probably had difficulty keeping up with demand. Especially if it had a price tag closer to a Porsche 911.

As it is, it smacks of a me-too supercar. Although I'm looking forward to being convinced otherwise.