Just back from seeing a touring production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A bizarre enough title in itself - and in this day and age a surprisingly odd choice of stage musical.

After all, here is a car with a huge V12, high Co2, uncatalysed engine which doesn’t just pollute the road, but also the seas and the skies.

Yet every time that Chitty spreads its wings or inflates its hover skirt, there are whoops of delight, not just from the kiddies, but the grown ups too.

So despite children being forced to watch Al Gore’s video nasty and absorb a constant diatribe from the right-on media that cars are to blame for everything, it seems we still love Chitty.

And quite right too, after all he helps free all those children kept prisoner in Vulgaria, hunts down the child catcher like a vigilante, overthrows the wicked Royal family and establishes a republican democracy.

Yes, cars can be a force for good – just as they are as they whisk you to hospital. Without that smelly, polluting engine, you’d be relying on a horse and cart.

We should celebrate the car far more than we do.

I seem to remember a few years back at the Edinburgh Festival there was a stage play of the Italian Job.

Personally I would pay to see Bullitt – The Musical, but reckon that Silver Dream Racer has more chance as David Essex can still sing a bit.

Certainly Autocar on stage would be a hoot and Vanishing Point could be worth a go, whilst Red Robbo would just be a tragedy.

So do you have any suggestions about which car based story could take the stage treatment and put a positive spin on our favourite mode of transport?

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