We've had the Nissan Leaf on the Autocar fleet for two weeks and are now getting a feel for the brave new world of battery-powered driving. Life has been made easier by the fact that not only do I have the British Gas-installed charging point on my driveway, but the Autocar car park has also been fitted with two Chargemaster charging points.

The biggest worry about using the Leaf - being able to park it near a charging point - has been overcome. All of which is jolly useful because my early investigations into our local public re-charging infrastructure in the centre of the capital have revealed plenty of short-circuits.

On my first weekend of Leaf ownership, I took the car into central London because the extraordinary Bloomsbury Square car park (built as two underground spirals, one inside the other) has reserved parking for electric cars. When I arrived, however, the spaces were marked as being reserved for a well-know central London law firm.

These charging-point equipped spaces are listed as a public amenity, so I'm not sure how they could have been annexed. But rather than risk the blog being superinjuncted, I won't name the firm until I've made further enquiries. Incidentally, the Bloomsbury Square spaces also used an industrial three-pin socket, so the Leaf's charging cable (which uses a domestic plug) wasn't compatible.