I used to love Lamborghini names. When I was a child the ones I liked best were Espada, Islero (pictured), Urraco and Jarama. They spoke to me of impossible urgency and drama, and it was only years later that I realised why. Each packed three syllables into just six letters. It wasn’t just the cars that were fast, their names were pretty damn quick too.

But now we have Gallardo, Murcielago and, God save us, Reventon. These names are longer, slower and immeasurably less elegant and than those of their forebears. In its slavish devotion to naming cars after fighting bulls, Lamborghini is in danger of descending into self-parody. I’m seriously hoping they never discover that one of the bravest bulls of all time was called Elefante.

In the meantime, the best that can be said of the current names is they anagram better than most. Gallardo turns neatly, if somewhat irrelevantly, into ‘A Rag Doll’, while Murcielago starts off right on the money before disappearing into slapstick with ‘Air Clog Emu.’ But my fave is Reventon, not just because it’s the worst name ever chosen for a Lamborghini but because if you think of its £825,000 price and 20-off production run, and then simply spell it backwards, you end up with ‘Not never’.

It's a double-negative, sure, but it also would have made a damn sight more interesting and entertaining name that the one it actually got.